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July 22nd, 2010


Category: Bistrogreen traffic5 150x150 MILDREDS (Soho)

Mildreds is my favourite (cheap) vegetarian restaurant in London. I once in the while go there on weekends, after I had maybe a couple of drinks too many and loads of heavy food the day (the week?) before, for some small “detoxing/feeling better about my body” food (it’s by far better than sports icon smile MILDREDS (Soho) ). What I also like about it is, that it is not one of those annoying ‘into your face vegetarian all meat eaters are bad’ places but just happens to serve vegetarian food. so what.

At my last visit I had delicious hummous and babaganoush (5.75) served with flat bread. The hummous perfectly creamy, the babaganoush very nicely seasoned with the distinct flavour of smoked aubergine and the flat bread crispy and fresh. There was no fault at all with this dish.

Then the all important detoxing with the organic energising detox salad (7.00). I love this salad, I must have had it 10 times already: a full plate of crunchy carrots, fennel, different sprouts, fresh coriander, sultanas and pumpkin seeds with a lime-ginger dressing (I usually like to add some chilli sauce, then it’s even more perfect). It tastes so fresh and moreish while being so healthy, sometimes this kind of food just hits the spot.

Mildreds has daily changing specials, usually some soup, some vegetarian burger and a pasta dish and dessert. Regarding the desserts: even though I have never eaten any of them myself (I told you – detoxing!), they look absolutely amazing (and the people eating them look very happy).

The staff is young, pleasant and nice to chat to and even though I have never been there for dinner, I would rather regard it as a lunch place, maybe not quite romantic date material (unless you want to impress a vegetarian of course!)

  • Food: 7.5/10
  • Atmosphere: 6/10
  • Service:7/10
  • Value for money: 8/10
  • Chances of returning: there is a close to 100% chance that I will need my detox salad some time soon again…
  • Verdict: Mildreds makes you forget why you think you can’t live without meat. Big recommendation.

biglink MILDREDS (Soho)


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