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November 4th, 2010

Action against Hunger by Unearthed @F&L

The supper club Fernandez & Leluu organised together with the food brand Unearthed a blogger charity dinner to raise money for Action against Hunger. This is already very good but the best thing was that I was invited as well : )

 Action against Hunger by Unearthed @F&L

Fernandez & Leluu are my most favourite supper club in the whole world (you can read about how much I love them here) and they prepared a wonderful menu with products from Unearthed. Simon Day, the founder of Unearthed, was also present at the dinner and he told us about his continental food brand which is available at Waitrose, Ocado and Abel & Cole. It was founded in 2008 and its aim is to bring together regional food from all over Europe. Simon does not only have a good hand for the discovery of delicious local products and knows how to bring them to the market but also has a heart for charity: 1 penny of each sale goes to Action against Hunger and, taking things further, he supported this unique evening at Fernandez & Leluu.

Representatives of Action against Hunger joined us for the dinner and told us about their campaign. I immediately felt slightly uncomfortable considering the huge amounts of food in front of us and the millions of people starving (usually I try not to think about this) but we were told that Action against Hunger is working together with foodies, chefs and restaurant with very good results. So they recently had a campaign called Fight Hunger Eat Out with loads of restaurants all over the UK participating.

Their new campaign, Fight Hunger Eat In, is aimed at food lovers, particularly the ones that enjoy cooking. The campaign encourages people to host dinner parties and at the same time raise funds for Action against Hunger. Before you rush off to invite all your friends for dinner at your place I should probably tell you what you would be supporting with your fund raising.

All the money raised by Unearthed including the money that was donated by us following the evening at F&L goes towards two main projects: one is supporting grand-parent headed households in Zambia where a lot of older people are left to care of AIDS orphans. The other half is used to save lives of malnourished children all over the world. You can find more about their programmes here.

The evening was a huge success. Not only was it a pleasure to catch up with and get to know the creme de la creme of the London food blogging scene but, as expected, the food was wonderful. Trying to use as many products from Unearthed as possible Simon and Uyen have created a Spanish influenced menu of delicacies. Here the Sweet Corn Veloute with Chorizo Film which was definitely the best sweet corn soup I have ever tasted.

 Action against Hunger by Unearthed @F&L

Some products from Unearthed such as their tortilla, their ham with herbs and rillette and F&L’s oyster mushrooms.
 Action against Hunger by Unearthed @F&L
The Flamenquines (pork filled with peppers and ham and then fried) were delicious.
 Action against Hunger by Unearthed @F&L
The Serrano Ham was served on top or green salad together with champagne poached pears. The pears were my favourite dish of the evening (which is a high praise considering how good everything else was) and you can find the recipe here on F&L’s blog.
 Action against Hunger by Unearthed @F&L

There was much more food to come but I got lazy and a little bit tipsy (thanks to Campo Viejo Wine) so no pictures. Let me just tell you that the dessert was Churro with served with hot chocolate to dip it in. Heaven!

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Thanks to Fernandez & Leluu, Unearthed and Action against Hunger for organizing and sponsoring this very special evening and putting so much work into it!

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