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January 3rd, 2011


Category: Le Budget green traffic5 150x150 KYOTO SUSHI (Soho)(£)

It is surprising how difficult it is to find inexpensive and decent Japanese in Soho. Thank god for Kyoto Sushi and the fact that I finally stumbled upon it on 1st of January, when basically everything else was closed. For this reason we bravely remained in the queue (usually I am just much too impatient to wait for food anywhere…). While queuing I already suspected that we might have made the right decision: about 90% of the customers appeared to be Japanese and if they don’t know where to get good sushi…

Even though the service was chaotic (they clearly did not expect a hungry and hungover crowd to swamp their restaurant on the first day of the New Year) and we had to ask for soy sauce and a second tea mug several times, they were really sweet and friendly (and possibly also hungover), so New Year’s amnesty for them icon smile KYOTO SUSHI (Soho) .

Especially as I really enjoyed the taste and simplicity of the food. Sometimes I just don’t feel like experimental flavour combination that might or might not work but all I want is solid quality. And that’s what Kyoto Sushi is all about.

Nicely cooked, crunchy and not overly salty edamame beans and the kimchi perfectly spicy and sour to combat my (considerable) hangover.

2011 01 031 KYOTO SUSHI (Soho)

We did not experiment on the sushi – the salmon and the tuna platter were both lovely: the fish fresh, the rice without fault and with a good rice to fish ratio and the portions generous.

2011 01 03 KYOTO SUSHI (Soho)

While I was not fully convinced by the cucumber maki (shredded cucumber instead of one solid piece in the middle), I really liked the flavorsome unagi sushi.


The only thing I actually did not enjoy very much was the soup with udon and fried tofu. I forgot to take a picture, and this was somehow characteristic of the whole dish: bland and utterly forgettable.

We were pleasantly surprised when we got the bill: something like 15 pounds per person, what a bargain! I am really glad I discovered this place and I have the feeling I will be back soon.

  • Food: 6.5/10
  • Service: 6/10
  • Ambiance: 6/10
  • Value for money: 7.5/10
  • Chances of returning: 50%
  • Verdict: the perfect place for cheapskates with sushi craving

biglink KYOTO SUSHI (Soho)

6 comments to KYOTO SUSHI (Soho)

  • barbaramaria

    ute, ich glaub du geniesst es sehr, wieder in london zu sein :) ))

  • Is definitely not easy to find inexpensive and good Japanese in Soho! This sounds like an option when I am next there, have you tried Eat Tokyo in Soho as well? That is one of my favourite haunts.

  • Ute

    @Kay – no haven’t been to Eat Tokyo, will definitely try it out, thanks for the tip :)

  • [...] work.For other cheap Japanese places in Soho, try Koya for amazing udon, Tokyo Diner for katsu or Kyoto Sushi for sushi.You may also like:TARTINE (South Kensington)BAOZI INN (Chinatown)TENSHI (Angel)July 8th, [...]

  • I ate here last week and found the food to be mostly excellent, good value too – like you we had one disappointing dish, but the others were so good we actually weren’t fussed and unsurprisingly we over-ordered anyway, so not too bad! I’ll be going again for sure.

  • Ute

    Bistro Becs – glad you enjoyed it, it;s perfect little no fuss sushi place and your comment reminds me that I should go back asap!

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