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March 24th, 2011


Category: Bistro (££) red traffic2 150x150 MY DINING ROOM (Fulham)

If I don’t have time to look at blogs for restaurant recommendations, I tend to use Time Out for restaurant references. Time Out is about right most of the time and it is rare that I completely disagree with their review, but one of this rare occasions happened last weekend at My Dining Room in Fulham. I went there on Time Out’s recommendation whose reviewer experienced this restaurant as ‘friendly service and halfway house between relaxed pub and fancy restaurant: think gastropub turned chichi.’ and awarded 4 out of 5 stars.

This didn’t sound bad at all and so I was looking forward to a nice Saturday lunch at My Dining Room.

When we arrived at around 2, the place was virtually empty so our rather disappointing experience might have been due to end of lunch service. Whatever it was, I was not impressed at all by neither food nor service.

The service, although friendly and kind of trying hard, was disastrous. Even though we were about the only customers, we waited. and waited. and waited. The Bloody Mary arrived after some time, but my prosecco had to be vinificated first or something. Apparently the waiter couldn’t find the bottle ( I expect he drank half of it himself until fetching me my glass). After 30 minutes or so we were finally had our drinks and were allowed to order lunch. We went for a bread basket to start with (as we were absolutely starving at this point) and then three starters between us.

The bread was quite nice, proper brown bread, but we had to ask 3 times to get some olive oil with it. I mean this is just unnecessary and annoying.

Unfortunately the food did not contradict the poor service. The Chicory, Roquefort, walnut and apple salad (6.5) lacked any distinct taste and would have really benefited from some seasoning and maybe a salad dressing.


I was also not particularly keen on the Tartiflette (6) of melted Reblochon soft cheese on top potatoes, confit shallots and lardons. Again it needed seasoning and even though the potatoes and cheese were quite nice, the shallots were raw and hard and not at all pleasant to eat.


And standards were not raised with the Ham Hock and Pistachio terrine (6?) which I personally really did not like very much. The solid chunk of tasteless ham with a tiny piece of roasted bread was utterly bland and forgettable.


Having said all this, My Dining Room is quite a nice and sophisticated looking place and if I lived closer I would go there for a drink any time. But I’d certainly have my dinner somewhere else before. Do you, dear reader, know any good restaurants in Fulham and around? I need to be better prepared next time I shall find myself in this area.


  • Food: 4/10
  • Service: 3/10
  • Ambiance: 6/10
  • Value for money: 4/10
  • Chances of returning: 0%
  • Verdict: Attractive looking gastro pub completely let down by the food

biglink MY DINING ROOM (Fulham)

6 comments to MY DINING ROOM (Fulham)

  • RE: Time Out, I agree that their recommendations hit the mark most of the time. That said, my perception is that they have a ‘type’ of restaurant that they favour.

    If you’re out in Fulham, you could do worse than try the White Horse, which is on Parsons Green. It’s a pub but one that knocks out quality food, especially their roasts.

  • Have you tried The Fulham Wine Rooms?
    Is a similar concept to Vinoteca with sample machines where you can taste many wines in three different portions. Food is good and the team very friendly, the owners Thor and Richard are great as well as Emma and Kevin! Try the Portuguese wines;)

  • I agree time out or a quick peek on Urbanspoon is usually the way to go. Sounds like My Dining Room was a bit disappointing though.

  • Ute

    @ Mr Noodles – White Horse is a good idea, I think I have been there once only for drinks and thought I should come back for food as it looked really nice. Thanks for the tip :)

    @ Miguel Leal – you know, we walked past Fulham Wine Rooms after the unpleasant experience at My Dining Room and were regretting that we didn’t see the place earlier. Looked really inviting and I love the concept of the wine sampling machines… I will try your wines next time ;)

    @ Gourmet-Chick – Urbanspoon is such a valuable addition to restaurant search, I agree. I wonder what I did before I discovered it? probably ate badly a lot…

  • Love Urbanspoon. I find it also makes a good site to find blogs for the cities I am visiting to scour for recent hot spots and foodie finds.

  • Ute

    @ London Lady – good point, I used it when I went to NY, it appears to be more common/used in the US as opposed to Europe. I am not aware of any other countries that have Urbanspoon? but it’s the way forward, I absolutely agree.

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