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March 7th, 2011


Category: Bistro (££) red traffic 150x150 THE PERSEVERANCE (Bloomsbury)

A not so honorary mention for Perseverance, an independent pub in Bloomsbury, which served me the possibly worst burger I have ever eaten in the UK.

My meal didn’t start off well when I had to wait 25 minutes longer for the food than my 5 lunch companions. When my Cheeseburger (8.50) finally arrived, I wished it rather hadn’t. The meat managed it to be completely overcooked and at the same time have a weird mushy consistency. I think they must have put potatoes or bread in the burger mixture, whatever it was, it tasted foul.

The disaster did not stop there, the bread was dry, the fries not cooked enough and tasting of old frying oil and I won’t even start to describe the coleslaw.


The people I was eating with did rather enjoy their chicken pies, but I didn’t try it so I can judge the meal solely based on the burger. What a shame about this burger! Particularly as the pub itself is rather nice – bright, friendly and inviting. So perfectly fine for a couple of drinks but you might want to consider to move on afterward to eat elsewhere.

  • Food: 2/10
  • Service: 4/10
  • Ambiance: 6/10
  • Value for money: 3/10
  • Chances of returning: 0%
  • Verdict: only eat there when you had so many pints that it really doesn’t matter what you shove into your mouth

biglink THE PERSEVERANCE (Bloomsbury)

8 comments to THE PERSEVERANCE (Bloomsbury)

  • What a shocker! I’ve never been that big a fan of The Perseverance for food and haven’t eaten there in years.

    If you’re in that part of town, The Lamb, across the road, is a better proposition as a pub. I’ve not been in a while but I recall them doing decent enough burgers. Next to The Lamb is Ciao Bella, which is an old-school undemanding but very charming Italian restaurant – pizzas are what they do best. And further up Lamb’s Conduit St is Vats Wine Bar, which is like going back in time but the food is competently done.

    PS: I used to work 5 mins away from Lamb’s Conduit St in case you’re wondering why I know the area so well.

  • poor you! I felt sorry for you, my pie was nice but that burger…one of those really unlucky things, you’d feel so hard done by when you wait so long and then get that… : (

  • Ute

    @ Mr Noodles: What a comprehensive list, thanks Sung! I don’t know the Bloomsbury area very well at all, so very happy about your suggestions. It’s Sod’s Law that I seemed to have ended up in the worst place of them all…

    @ Leluu: I know :( my mistake is to think burger is a safe choice if you are not sure about the quality of the food, but there is obviously a lot you can do wrong preparing a burger… In fact more than I would have ever imagined possible…

  • Oh dear! It happens to all of us some time or another when we just picked the wrong thing! I chuckled at your verdict where you need to down quite a few pints to numb yourself first.

  • Ouch, the burger does look horrible. Your burger was probably left in the oven and forgotten until someone eventually noticed it. :)

    Hold on a minute, was that chips mangled with coleslaw on the side?!

  • Ute

    @ London Chow – yes that’s exactly how it tasted, not good… you are right about the coleslaw, it does look like a chips! horrible!

  • Overcooked and mushy?? That’s a weird horrible combination.

  • Ute

    @ pigpigscorner – it was not nice and I didn’t know until then how badly you can mess up a burger…

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