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March 4th, 2011

TORTILLA (Islington)

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Category: Le Budget (£)
Recently I was invited to check out the Mexican fast food place Tortilla. Tortilla is a mini chain consisting of 5 branches in London and claims to serve healthy Mexican burritos. Tortilla clearly had no idea who they asked to scrutinize their restaurant as, to be honest, Mexican food is one of my least favourite cuisines. I really struggled when I was in Mexico to find anything I enjoyed eating. Having said this, I love Mexican ceviche, but in general there are just too many beans and cornmeal-based dishes and after a few days everything just started tasting the same. As far I have been successfully ignoring the current food trend of Mexican restaurants popping up all over London…

 TORTILLA (Islington)

But of course I am willing to give everything a chance. I went to the Islington branch of Tortilla and my first impression was good. Wooden communal tables, clean layout, bright (maybe too bright) lighting, a nice mixture of people and big bottles of chili sauce on the table (have I mentioned that I am a chili addict?).

 TORTILLA (Islington)

You order your selection of burrito filling at the counter and your personalised burrito is prepared freshly. You have a choice of chicken, pork, beef or vegetarian, 2 different kinds of rice and 2 different kinds of beans. The burrito is finalised by putting on some chili sauce (mild/medium/spicy) and/or guacamole (+0.70) before being wrapped into a neat parcel. The damage for a medium sized tortilla (which is in fact huge!) is 4.95 and for a large one 5.95.

 TORTILLA (Islington)

Here it is, my nicely wrapped burrito to take away or eat in.

 TORTILLA (Islington)

My burrito contained grilled chicken, lime cilantro rice, black beans and hot salsa roja. To my big surprise I really liked it and even though I am not sure ‘healthy’ is the right word to describe it, it doesn’t feel as if you were doing any major damage your body eating it. Tortilla hasn’t quite changed my opinion about Mexican cuisine in general, but as far as fast food goes, it is a great option.  I might even be back…

 TORTILLA (Islington)

  • Food: 5/10
  • Service: 7/10
  • Atmosphere: 4/10
  • Value for money: 7/10
  • Chances of returning: 5%
  • Verdict: Give me a Tortilla burrito over McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, … anytime. Pretty good fast food choice!

biglink TORTILLA (Islington)

11 comments to TORTILLA (Islington)

  • thanks for taking me, I enjoyed my Fajita x

  • I sometimes have their burritos for lunch from the Southwark branch. They are not bad but not amazing either in my view.

  • I see you accepted their offer of visiting one of their branches.
    Shame you never enjoyed your eating experience in Mexico, but then again that depends on where you were eating.

  • Ute

    @ Gourmet Chick – clearly not amazing, you are right, and I wouldn’t exactly hurry back, but it’s a decent option for a quick lunch I think.

    @ Mzungu – yes, I thought I’d give it a try and I would have probably never gone there otherwise. It was weird in Mexico, we didn’t eat anywhere hugely expensive but sampled quite a range of food, none of which would get me very excited. I am sure there is very good Mexican out there, I just haven’t found it yet…

  • There is a LOT of Mexican food in Wellington all of a sudden, too. Not a bad thing though :) This place sounds pretty cool, love the chilli on the table and the look of their guacamole!

  • Ute

    @ hungryandfrozen – I think the more there are the better the food is gonna get. Something to look forward too!

  • I think one of the aspects of writing about stuff like this is to try and have an unbiased view and assess whether Tortilla can make a good Burrito or not which I believe you did despite disliking Mexican food. So, it was a fair review in my opinion. I am also going there soon, lovely to read about it here beforehand.

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

  • Ute

    @ Luiz – thank you :) well, one tries to be objective, which is sometimes easy, sometimes not (as you probably know very well yourself). Enjoy your Tortilla, intrigued to know what you think!

  • Karen

    I actually think as someone who doesn’t like or know what good Mexican is you shouldn’t be reviewing it. Yes, I understand that reviews are subjective but you should at least go around to a couple of the other Burrito stands (Benitos, Chipotle, Daddy Donkey) to get a baseline.

  • Ute

    @ Karen – fair enough, I really haven’t tried any other of the Burrito restaurants that have been popping up anywhere, not only because I am not so sure about Mexican food but mostly because I hardly ever eat fast food. Have you tried them all? What is your opinion regarding the best burrito in London? And how would you rate Tortilla?

  • Toupee Paul

    Best burrito in London? Chilango is a clear winner (there’s one just up the road from Tortilla in Islington) and second place goes to the little lunchtime burrito stall in Goodge Street (Freebird). Benito’s Hat is awful (yet strangely still very popular), Tortilla is unexciting, Chipotle can’t shake off the association with McDonalds, Oaxaca is interesting for other Mexican food but their burritos are nothing special.

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