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April 6th, 2011

THE NAG’S HEAD (Belgravia)

What is happening to my restaurant blog? I have started to write about bars and now even about pubs! I really feel though that I should give The Nag’s Head in Belgravia, a short walk from Knightbsridge tube station, a mention, because I have spent some time in this area desperately searching for a drinking hole which is neither extremely posh and expensive nor a tourist trap.

Correct me if I am wrong, but The Nag’s Head must be the only place in this area that fits these criteria. So now that I have finally found such a pub, it would be very mean not to share it with you.

You find it after you have passed a couple of overpriced and equally underwhelming restaurants in the bend of a small mews, which is interestingly called Groom Place.There must have been a lot of grooming going on in the olden times. The pub is old fashioned, traditional and very cute. I think this is how pubs used to look like before the pub chains took over and it appears to not have changed in 50 years. The publican looks like he’s worked there since the beginning which gives the place some added charm.

 THE NAGS HEAD (Belgravia)

I can’t comment on the beer as I have only ever drunk whiskey there (yes I am a lush) and they do have my favourite, Lagavulin. I don’t know anything about the food either (I did see some plates being carried past me which did not look very promising…), what I know though is that the staff is very friendly, the patrons a very non-Knightsbridge/Belgravia appearing mixture (meaning not wearing Prada and Gucci and looking like coming straight from hairdresser/sytlist)  of young and old and the atmosphere is very pleasant and convivial.

 THE NAGS HEAD (Belgravia)So, should you need some break after you have stormed the sales at Harvey Nicks (or is any of my readers shopping there WITHOUT sale? good for you!), this is the calm and invigorating oasis you need to regain your strength. Cheers!

Address: 7, Groom Place, London, SW1X 7BA [map]

Tel: 0871 951 1000 (ref 1494)

2 comments to THE NAG’S HEAD (Belgravia)

  • Hey, nothing wrong at all writing about pubs. Refreshing really. The Nag’s Head looks like one of those truly local pubs where everyone knows everyone else. Is that so? Ah, missing also is the ‘traffic light’ rating. Does it serve any house beer?

  • Ute

    @London Chow – you are right, I forgot the traffic light! I shall put one in, no reason not to ‘traffic light’ bars and pubs :) I don’t know about the house beer actually, I will check next time I’m there.

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