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May 2nd, 2011

THE MEATWAGON – Is that all there is…

…to London’s best burger?

Category: Le Budget (£) green traffic5 150x150 THE MEATWAGON   Is that all there is...

This weekend I was doing my blogger-self proud and went to two food blogger’s favourites: Spuntino in Soho and The Meatwagon (changing location). While I was absolutely enthralled by Spuntino (review to follow), The Meatwagon left me a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, London’s best and probably most famous underground burger was by no means bad, but I kind of expected more…

For those of you who have never heard of The Meatwagon, let me fill you in. It calls itself ‘Guerilla Dining’ in London and  the concept is absolutely great. To find out where this burger making truck is headed you have to follow it on twitter. After having been sessile for 3 months in New Cross under the name of #Meateasy, The Meatwagon is on the road again and had its temporary location last weekend at Land of King”s Festival in Dalston. I was too broke to go to the festival but this did not keep me from travelling all the way through London to sample THE burger.

(by the way, if you want to know more about how Meatwagon burgers are made, look here)



 THE MEATWAGON   Is that all there is...the entrance of Land of King’s Festival with the truck in the back right
 THE MEATWAGON   Is that all there is...two pretty and efficient ladies taking our orders

When we finally got our Cheeseburger (6) people were stopping us, asking us if we knew WHAT kind of SPECIAL burger we were eating. Around us, not only us but several other people were taking pictures of their burger. That’s how famous AND special AND amazing they are.


 THE MEATWAGON   Is that all there is...someone here is very proud to finally bite into her first Meatwagon Burger

Here it is! No doubt it was a nice burger. Mine was beautifully juicy with the meat perfectly medium rare (Uyen’s was well done to her dismay). The buns were tasty and soft but could have done with a bit of toasting on the inside. The cheese was oozing out at the sides and over our fingers and along our chins (we didn’t get napkins, you see, and it was all very messy but fun). I loved the consistence of the cheese but would have personally preferred it to taste more of cheese actually.

 THE MEATWAGON   Is that all there is...

I could have done also with some more seasoning and spicing, next time I should probably go for the Chili Burger or Bacon Burger. One thing I really did not like were the hard bits in the meat, I think they are tendons or pieces of cartilage, I bit on a couple of those and nearly lost a tooth. (ok this was exaggerated, I have very good teeth)

 THE MEATWAGON   Is that all there is...

I should mention that you have to bring your own drink and napkins and, if you fancy sitting down while eating, maybe also a blanket.

Would I travel through town again to enjoy a Meatwagon Burger? Actually no, in my opinion Byron Burgers are not much different, and these you much easier to come by. However, if The Meatwagon comes my way you will definitely find me there.

  • Food: 6.5/10
  • Service: 5/10 (there is no ‘service’ as such)
  • Atmosphere: 3/10 (the street in front of MC Motors does not exactly invite to linger)
  • Value for money: 7/10
  • Chance of Returning: 20%
  • Verdict: This is a nice burger, but is it really the best? Really? Is it?




16 comments to THE MEATWAGON – Is that all there is…

  • Totally agree. It was good – but definitely not the bestest ever and didn’t quite live up to the hype.

    (We ate ours sitting on the curb down the street as we couldn’t get a drink without a wristband and couldn’t bring a drink past the security guy.)

  • Ute

    @ Leah – we probably just missed each other! we ate ours standing and also didn’t get drinks. We actually went and bought some outside to have with the burgers but couldn’t get passed the bouncer at the beginning of the street. Burger without drink doesn’t feel right!

  • I have to admit after hearing the stories of two hour queues I just couldn’t be bothered so still have not made it there – lazy perhaps!

  • we were inside! guess we just missed you! but honestly the new cross is completely different with sides/cocktails and a v cool vibe. this was just a pop up although my burgers was aLOT bigger and aLOT juicier than any Bryon’s I’ve ever had…

  • Hmm… still no rush for me to get over there – it’s far! Ah well. One day. Maybe.

  • Aah..I sort of came to the same conclusion as you. Which is probably why I have not made my way there yet. =)

  • Ute

    @ Gourmet Chick – we didn’t have to queue fortunately but then if you travel through town you do want to sit down and have a drink as well. Getting old I guess…

    @ Jingan – really shame to have missed you, could have been only minutes, was watching out for you (after your twitter photo :) I should have made it to meateasy, this must have been so much fun!

    @ Su-Lin – I’m with you on this. Maybe Meatwagon will one day make it to West London?

    @ Kay – no need to rush, I agree. I am glad I tried it and I did enjoy it, but not quite worth the travel really

  • I am so pleased I finally got to try this burger. I liked it much more than posh burgers from some of the places I have been to. Its just a burger after all and if it were just a little more seasoned and the cheese cheesier – it would have been my favourite.

  • PS I can’t believe we missed everyone – think we may have had too much pear cider from the marquis of landsdown or whatever that pub is called

  • Ute

    @ Leluu – yes you are right, it’s just a burger… I think we would have enjoyed it much more if we could have taken our pear cider with us :)

  • I am with you here – great burger, good and messy, but I think I allowed expectations to get too high… Good looking burger ladies and a very satisfying meal nonetheless!

  • Ute

    @ Hanna – you were there at the weekend as well, right? We should have dined together in front of the beautiful MC Motors! Maybe next time in more comfortable surroundings… expectations are a bitch really, that’s why I always tend to struggle with hyped places.

  • Would you rate the burger at the Kings Arms more highly than Meatwagon’s and Bar Boulud’s? If so I must try it.

  • Melissa

    totally agree…actually went to Meateasy and queued for a whole 3 hours to then eat…a burger…because that’s what it is at the end of the day. If the Meatwagon happens to be in your area, sure go ahead and try it but it won’t give you a food orgasm and definitely not worth a trip to the other side of town plus queuing time…

  • Ute

    @ youngandfoodish – you know, I haven’t eaten at King’s Arms for about 2 years I think (moved to the other side of town) so I wouldn’t dare commenting on their burgers now actually. But then they were lovely, good meat, medium rare and I loved their burger with goat’s cheese. In the end I really don’t know if the burger there was better than Meateasy for example. One would need to compare one to one in a similar atmosphere. What is your favourite London burger?

    @ Melissa – I didn’t queue for very long at least… considering travel and queuing one really expects something that a burger can probably never fulfill…

  • A FAN

    Hello this some constructive feed back for all those involved with the MeatWagon and Meat Easy, especially Yanni.

    After being a loyal follower of your great burgers and making the shlep from North West London to New Cross.

    To wait for hours in the crazy queue only seen at Disneyland during August for your amazing burgers,
    there is serious danger of ruining all your hard work by undoing everything you have built up reputation wise over the last couple years.

    I went to the MeatWagon this week with such expectation and joy after Meateasy closed, but sadly I was so DISAPPOINTED.

    I ordered the ADDICTIVE Dead Hippy the main feature being cooked in mustard to give a delicious deep depth of flavor. However what I got was a grease laden normal cheese burger. Couldn’t taste any mustard.

    With every bite the GREASE OOZED in to my mouth and fell all over my plate.

    The bun was a little STALE and my girls meat was raw. No…not pink.. or rare.. but raw.

    I know the difference, eating at many steak places including: Hawksmoor, Goodman, Wolfs, Santa Maria Del Sur (Awful),

    Gaucho, and recently at Gordon’s Maze(best staff as with all of Gordons places), cafe de Paris( of the best?), The Rainbow Room(NY city),

    to name but a few places SO I feel I know the difference between rare meat and raw meat and my girlfriends meat WAS raw in part.

    The guy trying to explain defensively that its not raw, and then switching tact by saying its meant to be that way(mm..didnt help) as if I m in the wrong and I don’t know good cooked meat.

    Forty five minutes after my burger all I could still taste was…grease!

    This really is sad because the Dead Hippy when cooked at MeatEasy was one of the BEST burgers I have ever had.

    And again I have had some in the homeland of the burger: In n Out, Jack in the Box, Hardees, Carl’s Junior,

    Apple Pan, plus the whole host of NY cities choices, not mentioning non fast food chain places,

    Meateasy burgers were some of the best, especially the Dead Hippy.

    So please Yanni no more sub quality fare in this smash and grab type cooking in the van.

    Please the quality and intention to detail and freshness should be the same from Florence. Especially when prices are the same as the dining house from the Van-£15 for two burgers.

    Yours A worried fan.

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