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June 25th, 2011

GELUPO & SNOG – Gelato vs. Frozen Yogurt

Recently I really fancied ice cream. This must have had to do with the cold weather and the rain, as I am a very contrarian person. Whatever the reason was, I finally sampled 2 of the most talked about ice cream parlors in London which are Snog for the healthy option of frozen yogurt and Gelupo for Italian gelato.



SNOG (Chelsea, King’s Road) yellow traffic5 150x150 GELUPO & SNOG   Gelato vs. Frozen Yogurt

  • Category: Ice Cream
  • Rating: 6/10

Snog does healthy ice cream = frozen yogurt. I love to eat but I also like to be slim, so this sounded like a great option to satisfy my ice cream craving. A new Snog shop has just opened in King’s Road and I went there for a well-deserved shopping break.

You can choose your frozen yogurt flavour between natural, green tea and chocolate. The next step is the difficult task to pick one (or more for this matter) of the available toppings: fruits (.i.e strawberry, watermelon, banana), naughty (.i.e. oreo cookies, dark chocolate nibs),  exotic (.i.e. red bean paste, agave nectar), crunch (.i.e. almonds, granola) or hot (.i.e. espresso, apple crumble). I should mention at this point that 100g of the frozen yogurt are only 97 calories, which you can of course drive up quite significantly when choosing the wrong (or right…) toppings.

I went for the smallest size (140g) with one topping for 3.64 pounds and I decided on green tea with red bean paste. The small size is actually quite big, I would not have wanted more at all.

IMAG0028 GELUPO & SNOG   Gelato vs. Frozen Yogurt

I was hoping for a similar flavour experience as I had in Japan where I basically lived on shaved ice with matcha syrup and red bean paste. The Snog frozen yogurt green tea tasted of green tea rather than matcha which I thought was a shame as matcha just works so much better for sweet dishes. The pieces of red bean paste tasted nice but were far too big.trans GELUPO & SNOG   Gelato vs. Frozen Yogurt

IMAG0030 GELUPO & SNOG   Gelato vs. Frozen Yogurt

Overall I enjoyed eaten my first Snog frozen yogurt but to be honest I have had better. I like the fact that this frozen yogurt is low on calories and it won’t spoil your appetite for dinner, I also like the fact that it is not too sweet and admire their amazing choice of different flavours and toppings. On the downside it is not exactly cheap and in the end it just shows again that fat is without doubt the best carrier of flavours. Somehow there is just no point in going for low-caloric sweet things…


Snog Chelsea,
155 King’s Road,
London. SW3 5TX

minilogo GELUPO & SNOG   Gelato vs. Frozen Yogurt


GELUPO (Knightsbridge, Harvey Nichols) green traffic5 150x150 GELUPO & SNOG   Gelato vs. Frozen Yogurt

  • Category: Ice Cream
  • Rating: 8/10

And then there is the naughty option of Italian gelato. Having grown up very close to the border to Italy, I have had my fair share of delicious Italian ice cream from early childhood and I never quite got used to the very heavy ice creams with too much cream that you commonly get in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Gelupo is the younger brother of the hugely successful Italian tapas place Bocca di Lupo and in addition to its main shop in Soho has also a subsidiary at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. What flavour to choose when your options are for something as delicious sounding as example Ricotta, Coffee and Honey or Strawberries and Chantilly Cream?

 GELUPO & SNOG   Gelato vs. Frozen Yogurt

I went for chocolate (this is not very experimental, I know, but I just always go for chocolate) and the ricotta and sour cherry. The chocolate was luscious, dark and rich and the ricotta and sour cherry fresh, creamy and moreish. I don’t know how many calories these 2 scoops had and I think we better not talk about it.

Without any doubt, Gelupo does excellent gelato with some truly interesting flavour creations. That’s all I can say really.

 GELUPO & SNOG   Gelato vs. Frozen Yogurt


109 – 125 Knightsbridge

minilogo GELUPO & SNOG   Gelato vs. Frozen Yogurt

If you fancy more sweet stuff, why don’t read about Laduree in Covent Garden for gorgeous macaroons or try making my naughty drunken chocolate cake?


9 comments to GELUPO & SNOG – Gelato vs. Frozen Yogurt

  • Urgh I hate snog – their froyo tastes really off to me and it’s just wrong. Much MUCH prefer Yog or Yuforia! Gelupo on the other hand I do like, but also love Scoop.

  • Surely gelati beats frozen yoghurt hands down every time? Love Gelupo!

  • Ute

    @ Catty – maybe what I thought was the not so pleasant green tea flavour was what you can ‘off’? I am not gonna go back to find out, rather try Yog or Yuforia, thanks for the tips!

    @ Gourmet Chick – I had very good frozen yogurt, but this was in Italy and I have no idea if this was actually low calorie or not. It tasted too good to be healthy actually… otherwise I’m with you on the gelati.

  • Like Catty I do not like Snog, it was the first frozen yogurt I tried and I thought all frozen yogurt was bad (and thought I had to resort to a life of just ice cream and gelato – not that that was bad, haha!). But then I tried Yog and my faith in frozen yogurt was restored! :)

    Scoop is excellent – they have a branch in Soho and one in Covent Garden. My favourite flavour is their extra dark chocolate, utterly amazing. The mango sorbet is also spot on. I always buy take away containers from Scoop so I can enjoy their gelato throughout the week… *yum*

  • Ute

    @ Su-Yin – I actually tried Yuforia on Sunday following Catty’s recommendation and it was so much better than Snog! Never gonna go back there. Have yet to try Yog, this is next on my list. It’s just great to be able to indulge without detriment to your figure once in a while :)

    I was not aware of Scoop up until I wrote the ice cream post, but now, after these strong recommendations, I really have to hurry there. Just looking at their website, the flavours sound to die for!!

  • Jason

    Love Snog! It is the healthiest frozen yogurt and taste s so delicious. You cannot compare a fat, sugar loaded ice cream with a fat free and sugar free frozen yogurt AND Organic

    England has an obesity problem big time so hands down to a company who is trying to help change bad habits

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  • [...] retailers that I missed out on last year.  (Last year I reviewed Yog, Yuforia, Yoo Moo and Snog - with Yog and Yuforia clearly leading the [...]

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