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June 23rd, 2011

LADUREE (Covent Garden)

Category: Cafe (but an expensive one £££) yellow traffic5 150x150 LADUREE (Covent Garden)

On a sunny and warm afternoon in the middle of Covent Garden it is usually very difficult to get a table somewhere. Surprisingly not at Laduree, which might have to do with their rather astronomical prices for cakes, ice cream and of course its famous macaroons. Laduree is a French luxury tea room chain which has two more subsidiaries in London, the most famous being at Harrods.


 LADUREE (Covent Garden)

I don’t have a particular sweet tooth so I managed to turn 32 without ever having tried macaroons. The Skinny Bib took it into his culinary hands to introduce me to his favourite sweet snack.

For people who are as ignorant as me regarding pastries, macaroons are meringue like cookies with a cream filling. You can get them in loads of different flavour-varieties at Laduree such as chocolate, coffee, lemon, coconut, praline and pistachio among others. We tried the raspberry ( the pink ones, very nice), the salty caramel (too sweet for me, did not get much of the salt), the vanilla (the best by far!) and the green apple (which I didn’t get to taste anymore because I was in a sugar coma at this point).

Mini macaroons cost you 1.80 each and the normal sized ones 3.90.

 LADUREE (Covent Garden)

We also had to try one of the cakes, this very elaborate piece of multi-layered chocolate cake was very pretty, extremely chocolaty, incredibly rich and very expensive (6-7). On the upside you can probably share this piece between 4 and still be sated.

 LADUREE (Covent Garden)There was coconut ice cream and passion fruit sorbet hidden below this huge amount of whipped cream (excusez moi, creme chantilly). Nice, but nothing to write home about.

 LADUREE (Covent Garden)

You can’t beat the location, particularly on a sunny day and it is THE place to take your parents when they visit for a weekend. Will I be a regular customer? Very likely not as I would have to invest in a new wardrobe a couple of sizes bigger at the same time. I don’t think macaroons, as lovely as they are, are quite worth this.

  • Food: 6.5/10
  • Service: 4/10 (very slow, brought us the wrong things, we had to ask for water 5 times….)
  • Ambiance: 7/10
  • Value for Money: 6/10
  • Chances of Returning: next time when my mum visits icon smile LADUREE (Covent Garden)
  • Verdict: so cute and so pretty and a little bit too perfect for me to love it

biglink LADUREE (Covent Garden)

5 comments to LADUREE (Covent Garden)

  • Laduree is my favourite macarons especially the salted butter, when I had it, I could really taste the salt amidst the creamy rich butter.
    I was so excited when I saw that pic of the multi-layered cake but I guess it works only for the eyes.

  • Ute

    @Kay – the cake was a piece of art and I am sure there are people who love it. A few spoons are enough for me though, I feel overwhelmed by too rich desserts…

  • I love laudree. I do the same thing and take my dad there when he comes to visit. I haven’t been to the new one in Covent Garden yet.

  • Ute

    @Kelly – I haven’t been to the Harrods one yet, I think I will take my mum there actually rather than the Covent Garden one.

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