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July 25th, 2011

YOG (Fitzrovia)

Category: Ice Cream green traffic5 150x150 YOG (Fitzrovia)

Rating: 7/10

I have almost made my round through the most talked and blogged-about London frozen yoghurt places, the last one on my to do list was Yog in Charlotte Street. After having had some rather mediocre Thai at Thai Metro opposite(I don’t know if I can be bothered to write it up), I needed something cold, sweet, tasty and light. Time to hit Yog.

 YOG (Fitzrovia)

Frozen yoghurt at Yog comes in natural, chocolate, pomegranate and passion fruit. I am not terribly keen on tangy or fruity ice cream flavours, so we again chose natural and chocolate. As opposed to Yuforia, you pay extra for toppings at Yog. However, Yog is  cheaper overall, with a ‘regular’ portion for 2.40, (+1 topping: 2.90).

I loved the chocolate yougurt. It came already half melted and reminded my somehow of a the chocolate milk shake from Mc Donalds (consistency-wise I mean, it tasted much better!). It was beautiful with the ripe and sweet strawberries. Delicious also the natural frozen yoghurt. We might have defeated the purpose of fat-free yoghurt though by eating it topped with loads of chocolate drops…

 YOG (Fitzrovia)

Yog - Chocolate Frozen Yogurt


 YOG (Fitzrovia)

Yog - Natural Frozen Yogurt

I wouldn’t quite believe the claim of frozen yoghurt producers that their food is ‘healthy’, but it is certainly better for you than desserts containing loads of full fat double cream. Honestly, I think it also tastes better.

biglink YOG (Fitzrovia)

Here links to my other ice cream/frozen yoghurt reviews: Yuforia (Soho) and Snog (Soho and Knightsbridge)

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