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August 11th, 2012



Greek Street

Category: Bistro (££+) green traffic5 150x150 10 GREEK STREET (Soho)

I have to apologise for my lazy blogging at the moment – the summer effect, changing jobs and a lot of things going on in my life.  I have however been eating, so will update you on recent restaurant experiences in a series of shorter posts.  In the end all you, dear readers, want to know is whether the restaurant is worth going to, right?

Much has been said and written about 10 Greek Street, which is as you may have deduced from the name, in Greek Street, Soho in house number 10 in the middle of the restaurant mile.   Since this tiny non booking restaurant has opened at the beginning of the year, I have made several attempts to visit, all corrupted by my innate disgust for queuing.  Once however I was lucky to get a table and I am very sad that 10 Greek Street doesn’t allow me to reserve a table, as I would be back many times.


Menu @ 10 Greek Street

The bistro-like atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and the daily changing menu is short and sweet with a good choice of vegetarian dishes.  What I enjoyed most about the food was the simplicity and freshness of flavours, letting the ingredients shine without corrupting them with complexity.


Chilled Tomato Cucumber and Fennel Soup (5)

IMG 0141 10 GREEK STREET (Soho)

Razor Clams, Chorizo and Broad Beans (8)

IMG 0144 10 GREEK STREET (Soho)

Watermelon and Feta Salad (6)

While I enjoyed the Chilled Tomato Cucumber and Fennel Soup (5) I loved the Watermelon and Feta Salad (6) with buckets of fresh and intensely flavoured mint and wonderfully ripe (but not overripe) watermelon.  This was a dish tasting of summer.  I was intrigued but not convinced by the Razor Clams, Chorizo and Broad Beans (8).  The delicate flavour of the razor clams was overwhelmed by the chorizo, and the razor clams were far from tender.  A very pretty dish though!

IMG 0146 10 GREEK STREET (Soho)

Ricotta filled courgette flowers (14)

IMG 0150 10 GREEK STREET (Soho)

Wild Mushroom Sformato (14)

We went completely vegetarian for our mains.  I thought the Wild Mushroom Sformato (14) was beautiful.  The warm “sformato” – kind of a denser mushroom souffle- was light and fluffy with earthy taste and went stunningly with the melting cold burrata and marinated chanterelles. Nice but a bit bland were the Ricotta filled Courgette Flowers (14), partly also because the lentils were not very exciting and zucchini (which must be the most boring vegetable there is) just needs a bit more to be lifted to exceptional levels.


Chocolate Torte (5)

So many vegetables of course left some space for dessert and I thoroughly enjoyed the Chocolate Torte (5) with juicy pieces of peach and almonds.

Overall this was a successful meal and even though not all the dishes were spot on I loved the unpretentious creativity of the cooking.  I know I’ll miss out, but I am still not going to queue, sorry.  Please London restaurateurs, I beg you, could you please stop doing all these non-booking places?

  • Food: 7.5/10
  • Service: 7/10
  • Ambiance: 7/10
  • Value for Money: 7/10
  • Chances of Returning: 100% if I could book
  • Verdict: very enjoyable fresh and creative European modern cuisine

 Hollow Legs was also not too keen on the Courgette Flowers,  A Girl has to Eat was overall not too impressed, while Gourmet Traveller loved it.

biglink 10 GREEK STREET (Soho)

small 10 GREEK STREET (Soho)

6 comments to 10 GREEK STREET (Soho)

  • Hey, why the vegetarian meal? ; ) Looks great. Thanks for doing that. As vegetarians, we’re often left wondering about what the restaurants’ like as not all chefs’ take as much care, or have the same skill with veg-options. Looks like this place does though – beautiful looking dishes. Particularly interested in the mushroom stomata. Thanks again!

  • Hungry

    Totally agree about the no booking thing – I see it as snobbery frankly. The only time i go to these places is if i have an unexpected day off and can go off-peak, but really? i mean REALLY?! If you ask me (though no one is), they should do the sensible thing, take bookings for a proportion and then keep a proportion for walk ins. Like any sensible restaurant. Sheesh. You’ve hit my pet hate there.

  • Ute

    @Keen on Food – I love vegetarian food! you are right, particularly in European style restaurants Vegetarian options are very often substandard (and not really much cheaper), particularly compared to SOuth East Asian food, where vegetables have such a centre stage. I thought Greek Street did very well on veggies, let me know what you think if you decide to try it out!

  • Ute

    @Hungry – haha, I’m glad you agree! This new booking policy is so hostile for people who actually have jobs and not buckets of free time to spend in a queue. I hope this trend is a passing one, I have been to very few of the new and trendy restaurants because of my refusal to queue. Not good for an amateur restaurant critic!

  • [...] just adore this combination of sweet and savoury.  I had a stunning Watermelon Salad recently at 10 Greek Street, a good one at 500 Restaurant (with smoked ricotta instead of feta) and a pretty disgusting and [...]

  • [...] be back in a hurry to eat there.  Just around the corner you pay the same money for example at 10 Greek Street, where you get outstanding food and the plates may even be clean.  I leave you to make your own [...]

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