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January 24th, 2013

BAITY KITCHEN (Knightsbridge)

 BAITY KITCHEN (Knightsbridge)

a plate worth almost 15 pounds? @ Baity’s Kitchen

red traffic2 150x150 BAITY KITCHEN (Knightsbridge)

Category: Brasserie (£££)

I have always enjoyed going to Jak’s in Walton Street for their fresh salads and delicious strawberry cheesecake (although I confess that Jak’s is currently in the midst of a renovation and they are in temporary digs and have increased pricing so beware – I might qualify my greenlight shortly).   All things considered, Jak’s at least in the past seemed rather fairly priced for being in Knightsbridge/Chelsea, just a stone-throw away from the department store from hell, Harrods.

 BAITY KITCHEN (Knightsbridge)

Salad Counter @ Baity Kitchen

With interest I observed the opening of Baity Kitchen, opposite from Jak’s, with a similar menu offering Mediterranean salads,  breakfast and more.  At the beginning, I didn’t hasten to check it out as a cursory glance at their menu gave me sticker shock: Baity’s  seemed 30% plust more expensive for similar fare, and I confess that I was happy with Jak’s.  However, over time I tired of the crowds at Jak’s and the increasingly blasé staff  – they seemed spoilt by the crowds that made Jak’s hard to get into .  Indeed, the Jak’s modus operandi seemed to be getting people out as soon as they sat down.  Further, I was enticed as Baity Kitchen’s advertised free, wireless internet, which was missing at Jak’s.

So one rainy afternoon we went to Baity Kitchen — to never ever return there again.  Why?

(1) the staff was rude beyond blasé, far ruder than at Jak’s (and this is difficult, believe you me!);

(2) it’s was more expensive for less! For 3 salads at Baity’s you pay something like £14.90.  (5 salads for 11.90 at Jaks for the same quality and more choice).  To add insult to injury, no pricings are indicated at the blackboard in the restaurant, and when we asked how many salads were included in the platter, we were told (rudely) “how many we want” – so we chose 4 salads and had to pay extra for the 4th.  Lovely.  We ended up paying over 50 pounds for a salad, a chicken (which was re-heated in the microwave, rather tasteless and not properly cooked through, meaning that it was a salmonella risk and did not come off the bone), a tea and a sparkling water.  One can almost get a 3 course lunch menu at Michelin-starred restaurants for that sort of money – and they fawn all over you.  Indeed, I will shortly write up a greenlight review on a restaurant just down the road on Walton Street called The Enterprise (3 course lunch menu for 19.50) that I would recommend every time over Baity Kitchen;

 BAITY KITCHEN (Knightsbridge)

not properly cooked chicken @ Baity Kitchen

(3) even though the restaurant looks nice, with an airy ambience and a glass roof in the dining area, on the rainy day we were there,  it was cold and uncomfortable.  While this may have been from the frosty service, the metal tables and lack of sufficient heating to compensate from the door opening and letting in draughts of cold air made us shiver.

 BAITY KITCHEN (Knightsbridge)

Airy but cold @ Baity’s Kitchen

To conclude, I recommend readers to avoid Baity’s unless 1. it is  a sunny, warm day and 2. The Enterprise has closed down and Jak’s is full and 3. Someone else is paying.

  • Food: 5/10
  • Ambiance: 4/10
  • Service: 4/10
  • Value for Money: 1/10
  • Chances of Returning: 0%
  • Verdict: Chelsea/Knightsbridge rip off place for people who don’t mind overpaying
Baity Kitchen
172 Walton St
SW3 2JL London, UK
(020) 7584 6866

biglink BAITY KITCHEN (Knightsbridge)

small BAITY KITCHEN (Knightsbridge)

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