8 Ball Pool – Easy Way to Bring Balls Back

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8 Ball Pool is a game of billiards for iPhone and iPad having the peculiarity of being totally connected by opposing players from all over the world. Indeed, 8 Ball Pool requires an Internet connection to work, since at each game, the game looks for an opponent among players from around the world. Each game played in 8 Ball Pool is played against a real player. The trophies and points won during your tournaments will help you to improve your equipment but also to participate in smaller games in which you will be able to face players of high flight.

8 Ball Pool will allow you to turn your mobile device into a pool table. Several game modes are available. The training will allow you to familiarize yourself with the controls of the game (simply slide the tail with your finger more or less rapidly according with this 8 Ball Pool Hack tool to the force to be given and in the desired direction).

Once you are ready, you can then confront other players on the Internet. One-on-one with a friend, for example, or in 8-player tournaments. You will then be able to improve your ranking and win chips.

With the tokens earned, you can participate in high-level events and purchase customizations for your table or pool cue.

How to Bring Balls Back

An almost foolproof trick to get at least one log from the break at the start of the game is to position the ball and the trajectory of the ball as in one of the photos below. By making this move, there is great chance that you will get a minimum of one ball.

Caution, this technique is significantly safer if you use a tail with a refill.

Win cash free

In 8 Ball Pool, each game allows you to gain experience points according to the level of difficulty (choice of the pool table) and your result (victory or defeat).

When your experience gauge is at its maximum, you climb a level and you will earn cash.

Earn free chips

In 8 Ball Pool on mobile, there are several ways to earn free chips:

  • By logging in every day at 8 Ball Pool, you will get a free throw to roulette, allowing you to get up to 50,000 chips.
  • You can also earn free chips by looking at the ads at the top left of the home screen.
  • In the Lance and Win game of 8 Ball Pool, you can also win 1, 5 or 10 scratch tickets, a new free throw and a lucky tail.

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