Born and raised in Austria by food loving parents I early developed a sophisticated taste in culinary pleasures. In primary school,when my peers all liked pizza and fish fingers,I had already frequented several Michelin star restaurants and I knew that this was what I wanted.

Things have not changed much since – I moved to London in 2005 and have since been eating myself through the London restaurant scene with zest and enthusiasm. Not so many Michelin star restaurants any more unfortunately,as my job as an underpaid academic scientist rarely allows extravagant gastronomic adventures. But you don’t need a lot of money to eat exquisitely in London..!

I love eating out;I enjoy reading restaurant reviews and menus and spending a whole day planning what to order in the evening. Food is my favourite pastime and London is my playground.

The quest:

The problem with eating out in London:there are too many restaurants that offer average food to high prices. I want to find the exceptions,the places that I always want to return to,restaurants that serve consistently delicious food. I want to find the food that makes me happy,that I dream about and that adds another dimension to my life. And I want to share it with you. And – please – share yours with me too J

To say it with the words of Oscar Wilde:

I have the simplest of tastes,I am always satisfied with the best!

All my reviews are of course anonymous (if not clearly stated otherwise) and reflect my personal taste. For financial and time-reasons I will have visited most restaurants just once.


Eating out and trying new things –Thai and Vietnamese papaya salad – chili – penne all’arrabbiata – coriander – mint – Kaerntner Kasnudel – salty caramel ice cream – beetroot – sun-ripened,heavenly smelling tomatoes – Italian basil – Thai basil – pho – pate – ketchup – venison the way my mum makes it- green salad – goat’s cheese – hummus – fresh,still warm baguette with butter – nutella – mango – forest raspberries – ripe melon – avocado – green tea – Sauvignon Blanc – Cote de Rhone – edamame – sashimi – udon – Sichuan green bean with pork – Lagavulin – Vietnamese summer rolls – ginger – Thai green curry – American cheese cake – eating around the world – Austrian dark bread – feta – very stinky French cheese – Tom Yum soup – chips – cinnamon – asparagus –Chinese pork buns – dark chocolate – tuna –rucola –papaya –buffalo mozzarella


Peppers – pineapple – Bailey’s – dill – whipped cream – shortbread – croissants from Starbucks – sweet coffee – broccoli – cauliflower – celeriac – fatty meat – overcooked pasta – potatoes (most of the time) – most things fried – bland food – undercooked egg (when it’s still slimy) – doughnuts – Dutch cheese – black tea – tough squid – sausages – not keen on pizza – mayonnaise –