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The London Foodie’s Japanese Home Cooking (Supperclub – Islington)

Matcha Crème Brulée

I admittedly got a bit tired of supperclubs of late. However,when I learned that the lovely Luiz aka The London Foodie had ditched his high flying city career to devote himself fully to cooking,nothing could hold me back.

Luiz spent a few months last autumn in Japan to deepen his already profound understanding of Japanese cuisine. In London,he found a mentor in Reiko,the lady who does wonderful Japanese cooking classes in London and also has her own cook book.

There was no question that I had to try his new supper club “Japanese Home Cooking“.

Believe me,Luiz has come a long way and I tremendously enjoyed my first Japanese Home Cooking experience (I have the feeling it won’t be my last!). I highly recommend this supperclub to people who want to go beyond the generic sushi bar experience and venture further into the weird and wonderful facets of Japanese cuisine. Fussy and non-experimental eaters –don’t bother.

Upon arrival I was offered a gin tonic and the popular Japanese street food Takoyaki,which are basically golfball sized soft balls filled with either octopus or chicken teriyaki –perfect and tasty little appetisers to prepare me for the things to come.

Finally seated at the dinner table in Luiz’impressive kitchen,I couldn’t admire Luiz’stunning collection of Japanese tableware enough. I felt like in a Japanese ryokan and I think he should have got us all dressed in Yukata robes to complete the experience!

The Dining Room @The London Foodie

The food was generous and plentiful and worthwhile 35 pounds,which is the suggested donation.

We started with Pitan Dofu,very silky tofu which was topped with a century egg (an aquired taste),pickles and sesame dressing. A brave thing to serve to people who might not like the idea of an ancient egg on their tofu (or anywhere else for that matter). I thought the dish was wonderful and at least at my table finished by everyone.

Pitan Dofu
(extra silk tofu topped with century old egg, zasai pickle, spring onions and sesame dressing)

Very interesting also the next course which was a fusion of Japanese and South American:The Salmon Sashimi South American Way came with a dressing of wasabi,sour cream and avocado,topped with crispy shallots and provided a very pleasant contrast of flavours. The high quality fish did get a bit lost among all these different sensations,nevertheless a very good dish.

Salmon Sashimi South American Way
(thin slices of salmon served with a dressing of wasabi, sour cream & avocado, Japanese vinaigrette & shallot chips)

How different is a self made miso soup to the packet one! The chunky root vegetable miso soup which was served with pork belly and was the perfect winter warmer and I already started to feel rather full at this point.

(chunky root vegetable soup – daikon & carrots with sliced pork belly, in a dashi and miso base soup)

First sweat the thinly sliced beef,then add the aromatic sweet and sour broth of mirin,soy sauce and dashi and bring to boil. After this,there come the delicious yams noodles and a lot of stirring. At the very end add the mushrooms,the tofu and the greens. The result is a rich,comforting and very tasty hot pot dish. Particularly these yams noodles,what a discovery!